Chairman`s Message
“I am grateful to our executive team for their leadership and unrelenting supporting in making this project into such a huge success story. I also wish to thank our employees for their efforts and commitment. I am inspired by what they do, day in and day out, to maintain our customers’ respect and faith in our company. We as a team will be dedicated to a higher purpose that characterizes all great companies. Our basic principles of Leadership, Responsibility, Reliability and Excellence are the pillars of strength on which this company has been incorporated upon. These principals are an integral part of us and the manner in which we conduct our business.

We will continue to build and improve our company by expanding our production capacity and distribution capabilities, and by leveraging our fixed asset base. Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. We expect our growth strategy involving increased utilization of existing resources coupled with additional acquisitions of state of the art machinery and facilities will help us achieve our goal of becoming a dominant worldwide player in the glass container industry.

The success and prosperity of Samyu Glass which began as the dream of one person now extended to be transformed into the dream of many. We will strive to accomplish our dreams and goals to bring eminence to our company and state in the near future.”